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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Final "B Division Thimphu League 2011"

Continues rainfall for almost 13 hours has completely damaged the ground. As the ground had been fully filled with water and it was muddy. The Two team Dzongric FC and the Wolfland both from Pool A were facing again in the Final of the 9th B Division Thimphu League on the 25th June 2011.

Just as in 2007, the setting for a celebration as Wolfland FC turned on the style to beat Dzongric FC 3-2 in the penalty kick and Wolfland FC were crown Champions of The 9th B Division Thimphu League 2011. Dzongric FC took the lead in the first 45minutes.

For a short while, it looked like things might turn out differently for the Wolfland FC. The Captain selected an attacking formation, resisting the temptation to pack his midfield and instead fielding both Kencho Tobgay and Phuntsho Wangdi (A) in attack.

Wolfland FC captain (Tashi Phuntsho) made changes in the formation and also the player. Dorji Gyeltshen going out and Nidup Gyeltshen coming in as striker and Phuntsho Wangdi (A) going to Right out. But on the second half the Dzongric FC striker scored a goal on the 68th minutes of the second half and doubled their lead to 2:0. The pressure was there for the Wolfland FC players. On the 74 minutes they made another change with Pem Tshering out and Phuntsho (B) coming in as the left out and made then they created a chance and Nidup Gyeltshen didn’t miss the net, the score line stayed 2:1 on the 90th minutes. The expatiator and the fan of Wolfland FC thought that the game is finished and they lose the game, until the forth official showed 2 minutes added time from the normal time. On the last dying seconds of the additional time (6 second) remaining the striker Kencho Tobgay of Wolfland FC found the net with the stunning goal and the game ended soon after his goal with score line 2:2.

The charm again came back for the Wolfland FC players and the fan, the crowd was great and full all around the ground the game again came back in life and both team had to play another 30 minutes extra time, most of the players were tired and both team had finished their substitution. In the extra time of 30 minutes both team failed to score and the score remain draw 2:2 and they move for the penalty kick.

Wolfland FC were first to kick the ball from the spot and Phuntsho Wangdi (A) was the first kicker. He kicked the ball directly to the goal keeper of Dzongric FC. Dzongric FC kicker scored. Second kicker Tashi Dhendup of WFC scored, but DFC failed to score as Dawa made a stunning save. The 3rd kicker, Chencho Nidup put the ball away from the goal and the pressure again was on the WFC, but their Goalie Dawa again made a save, and the score line was 1:1, the 4th kicker, Tashi Phuntsho (Captain) scored from the spot making the Goal Keeper to the other direction and DFC kicker scored, the last kicker Kencho Tobgay, of WFC scored a goal with a beautiful placing near the pole of a goal and no chance for the goalie to save, and if the DFC last kicker score then the score remain equal, but their last kicker missed by putting the ball away from the goal and the Wolfland FC won the FINAL with 3:2. All thanks to their star Goalie Dawa and striker Kencho Tobgay.

Thanks to the entire fan, supporter and the players of Wolfland FC, to making the game interesting and letting out club win the tournament. I was sure that we will reach the final and win the tournament; my Aim is to qualify for the relegation match and my dream to play in A Division Thimphu League and National League. Without my players interest for the game and their regular training and their support it won’t be fulfilled, so once again Thanks to ALL THE PLAYERS, says “Tashi Phuntsho” Captain of Wolfland FC.

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